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Revolutionize contact center performance and maximize agent efficiency with ChatrHub’s Advanced AI Tools

AI Powered Quality Assurance

Contact center using ChatrHub AI Powered quality assurance

In the fast-paced world of contact centers, ensuring quality and efficiency is crucial. 

ChatrHub is here to revolutionize how you manage, evaluate, and enhance your team's performance. Our state-of-the-art AI Quality Assurance SaaS tool is designed specifically for contact center agents, providing unparalleled insights and actionable feedback to drive success.

AI Powered Quality Assurance Core Features:

Agents and supervisors receive automatic alerts highlighting areas to improve, ensuring ongoing development and best practice adherence.

Automated Feedback & Alerts

Spot if an agent's approach causes repeat calls. Adjust strategies to resolve issues better initially, boosting customer satisfaction and cutting call volumes.

Repeat Caller Identification

Recognize high-performing agents in sales and issue resolution, accessing key metrics to replicate successful strategies easily.

Sales & Issue Resolution Tracking

Visualize your team's performance with customizable dashboards. Easily identify top performers, areas for improvement, and procedural adherence at a glance.

Customizable Dashboards for In-Depth Analysis 

Pinpoints procedure adhering or diverting moments in conversations for targeted coaching, reducing training time effectively.

Targeted Coaching & Training Insights

All calls are transcribed automatically, providing detailed records of customer interactions, with sensitive information redacted for privacy and compliance.

Comprehensive Call Transcription & Redaction

agent using ChatrHub AI Powered quality assurance

Increased Compliance and Security

Reduced Training Costs

Enhanced Agent Performance

Why Choose ChatrHub for your Quality Assurance?

Boosted Sales

Increase Customer Satisfaction

ChatrHub AI Powered quality assurance

Improve efficiency, coach better, decide smarter, serve best. Get started with a demo and witness the impact of AI!

Empower Your Team with ChatrHub’s AI Powered Quality Assurance

Continue using your current phone system.

We seamlessly integrate with these systems and many more.

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