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Improve customer experience, identify operational issues, and boost agent efficiency - all in one solution.

The world’s largest contact centers run their operations with ChatrHub 

call center agent quality assurance

Fortune 20 Telecom Company boosted sales by 146%

Identify which phrasing is most successful

Provide the right pitch at the right time

Enable agents to overcome objections

A Fortune 500 waste management company reduced their Quality Assurance cost by over 80% 

Automatically score every call

Build custom QA models

Highlight strengths and weaknesses at both the group and agent level

A National Insurance Company improved their Net Promoter Score by 28% using ChatrHub's AI Analytics tool

Analyze Detractors to determine common issues

Track First Call Resolution by agent

Uncover operational issues damaging your customer experience

ChatrHub AI Powered Contact Center

Turn Discoveries into Actions:
AI Sales and Service Solutions

Analyze conversations to find issues and opportunities

Use findings to create real time agent suggestions and alerts

Track suggestion, agent and group performance

Monitor and improve your customers experience in one platform

Ai quality assurance checklist

Free Guide

How to develop a sophisticated AI Quality Assurance process for your contact center.


Ready to take control of your customer experience?

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