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AI Powered Contact Center

Transform Your Customer Interactions with ChatrHub’s AI Powered Contact Center

agent using ChatrHub AI Powered Contact Center

Enhance Your Communication with AI Powered Contact Center

ChatrHub integrates effortlessly with your phone system, ushering in a new era of customer service and sales with our advanced AI technology.

AI Powered Contact Center Core Features:

Recognize high-performing agents in sales and issue resolution, accessing key metrics to replicate successful strategies easily.

Sales & Issue Resolution Tracking

Address service questions with precision. Our AI provides immediate solutions, reducing repeat calls and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Efficient Service Resolution 

Receive customized sales advice based on live conversations, delivered through desktop pop-ups, providing agents with right verbiage at the right time.

Tailored Sales Suggestions

ChatrHub connects directly to your backend databases and CRMs, swiftly identifying customers eligible for promotional offers or repetitive service issues.

Seamless Database & CRM Integration

Capture every detail of phone conversations as they happen, ensuring comprehensive understanding.

Real-Time Conversation Transcription


Users have experienced a remarkable 146% boost in sales, powered by targeted, data-informed sales approaches.

146% Significant Sales Increase 


Achieve a 36% decrease in repeat service calls, optimizing operations and improving customer experiences.

36% Reduction in Repeat Calls

business using ChatrHub AI Powered Contact Center

Elevated Customer Satisfaction

Data-Driven Decisions

Streamlined Efficiency and Productivity

Why Choose ChatrHub’s AI Powered Contact Center?

Growth in Sales

ChatrHub AI Powered Contact Center

Enhance Your Customer Engagement Today!

The ideal solution for businesses seeking to transform their customer engagement. Get started with a demo and witness the impact of AI!

Continue using your current phone system.

We seamlessly integrate with these systems and many more.

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