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A Better Approach to Phones

Answer phone calls from your computer, iOS device, Android or hard phone. Phone calls are seamlessly integrated to email, SMS, social and chat making it a one stop shop for all customer communications. 

Find and buy a new phone number quickly or forward your current phone number to ChatrHub to get access to all of our features today. We can also help you port your existing number to ChatrHub to consolidate your operations.


Call Management

ChatrHub gives you full control of your phone lines. You can transfer a live call to another agent, queue, existing conference or make an outbound call while the customer is on the line.

If needed, agents can also park their active line and jump on another call. Finally, agents can review all active lines and disconnect individual lines when they are no longer needed.

Phone Queues

Setup phone queues for higher call volume. Each call can be routed to an agent through round robin, proficiency or all agent routing mechanisms. You may also setup text-back or call-back functionality so your customers don't have to wait on the phone for you.

Setup a custom IVR using drag and drop tools or let us create one for you. Collect customer details or route to specific queues. Learn more about our IVR system

Coaching and Analytics

ChatrHub's barge and whisper functionality allows supervisors easy access to live calls and their agent's screen in real time.

Review detailed reports by channel to ensure you are meeting your service goals.

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