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Phone Assistant (IVR)

Solve the customer's question or inquiry before speaking to an agent or direct them to the right employee that can.  With the phone assistant you can:

  1. Send a customer to a phone queue (Ex. Sales vs Service)

  2. Dial a particular agent or group of agents.

  3. Send a customer a text message.

  4. Send the customer to an agent queue.

  5. Provide more information over the phone with custom audio messages.

  6. Upload audio for welcome messages, custom waiting music, voicemail messaging and more.

  7. Send the caller to voicemail

  8. Create a ticket for later processing.

Enterprise Functionality

Automate Service

With Smart IVR, you can connect to your backend systems to answer your customers’ questions without having to speak to an employee. For example, give your customers the ability to check order status, schedule or reschedule service, order new products, and more.

Verify accounts to reduce your handling time and provide service faster

Set up your IVR to verify your customers’ account information upfront. When the customer eventually connects to an agent, the verified information is readily available further reducing your handling time and increasing customer satisfaction.

The smart IVR will help agents focus on helping the customer rather than engaging in repetitive tasks.


Eliminate PII Exposure

Collecting and processing personally identifiable information (PII) without ever presenting it to your employee can eliminate risk. For example, when your customer is ready to provide their credit card, they can be transferred to the IVR which will capture the information and input it into your backend systems without it ever being touched an employee. Once processed, the interaction will be automatically sent back to the employee.

Simple Setup

Setup your IVR in minutes using a simple to use wizard.

Record your voice or upload welcome audio, customize your waiting music, and more.

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